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I will still be posting Dr Who related content on all side blogs associated with this account, but the new owner will not make it a point to hate on people because they happen to like the Doctor with Rose, or Martha, or any other one of the lovely ladies that were his…

I HAD to repost this.

This person literally stole this blog from me, and then posts this! I have the ip tracked and everything, it’s a certainty who did it, but I wont post that here.

Enjoy the unreal nerve!


Meet and Greet and just see how the whole Live RP thing works, come play character to character or OOC in the  (( ))   !

Come check it out, we don’t bite!  :)

A starting place for anyone interested in Multiverse/Dr Who live RP.

Uncensored Room   !!

Be aware intense subjects might be discussed or played out. We do ask for actual sex scenes between characters you join one of our two actual live rp games, though!

Live Action Last of the Time Lords RPG


// Anyone interested in a live action RPG based on Last Of The Time Lords and allowing for lots of AU - and mature - there will be sex and violence and m/m as well as m/f - 

think live theater, a play or live show as opposed to RP like a novel.

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